GNU/Linux? Why not! Enjoying Manjaro... most of the time ;)

Display the Date in XFCE Vertical Panel

Edit Jan. 2021: Orage Clock is not supported anymore since the release of Xfce 4.16. No More date in the Panel, for me. I like to have my Panel (XFCE’s version of macOS Menubar and Windows Taskbar) on the left of my screen, vertically. It saves some screen real estate and let me see more of what I’m actually working on — the text I’m writing or reading.

Caractères typographiques et majuscules accentuées sous Linux

C’est une de ces ‘petites’ choses qui rend le Mac si agréable à utiliser pour un auteur: la plupart des caractères spéciaux sont accessibles via un raccourci clavier. Les caractères spéciaux? Ben oui, ces trucs tout con mais indispensables ou presque quand tu écris en french: É, È, À etc. Le tiret cadratin — ce tiret plus long que le modeste signe moins (-) — que l’on utilise pour marquer les lignes de dialogues dans un récit ou pour marquer une incise dans une phrase.

Adding a WiFi 6 PCI Card to the Linux Desktop

The Linux noob I am was worried about this. Doing some preparatory online reading did nothing to reassure me either. It looked like there was no macOS It Just Works! ™ magic and no Windows .exe to install the required driver and I was getting the impression one was supposed to purchase only a carefuly handpicked Linux-compatible card, and then was required to know exactly which driver to install by hand, while wishing for the best.

The Most Basic and Useful Advice Ever for Better Ebook Cover Design

You’re selfpublishing and you’re designing your own covers too, crafting each one with the same love and patience you put into its story? Great. The sad thing is that none of your potential readers will look at your cover this way. None will be savouring every fine little detail you added and knowingly be appreciative of the subtle color choices you’ve made.

The Right Dark Theme

Discussing accessibility with a friend, I realized how difficult it can be for someone with a ‘normal’ eyesight to understand the importance of a good (dark) theme for users that do not have a ‘normal’ eyesight, and what a difference an apparently insignificant change in color can make. Every single one of us will have his/her own idea of what is a ‘good theme’.

PC Dusting (& help saving the planet)

Yesternight, my normally dead-silent desktop noisily me reminded me it was overdue for its more-or-less annual dusting. Its fans were roaring and whirling. So, early this morning I dusted the PC. Frankly, I have no excuse for not doing it more often. But I just don’t care very much about hardware, I just want it to work in silence and as long as it is silent…

Change Xfce Grab∕Alt Key

By default, Xfce has a “grab key” that you can use to, well, grab a window and move it around. By default, it is the ALT. Which can be a problem with certain apps, like Inkscape, to access some of their tools or options. You can quickly change the grab key — or turn it off, if you don’t need it all.