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Fix for Crackling Sound in Headphones?

Randomly — I mean, it can not do it for weeks but then it will start doing it randomly for hours or days — any sound played through one of the two headphones I use will be ruined by crackling noise. Of course, it it only happens with the headphones I prefer to use when I listen to music, the one that uses a standard wired/jack connector.

Configuring nano

Nano can be configured. That shouldn’t have come as a surprise but it surprised me nonetheless. I mean, I often use nano but never cared much about it: I only use it to do quick edits in a config file or stuff like that, when I don’t want to wait for a more heavy text editor to start — nano is fast and, well, it’s always there.

Visual Representation of Disk Usage in the Terminal

du is the usual command to show disk usage in a terminal, printing a list of all files and folders and subfolders the folder you ran it in contains. A barely readable list — to my noob’s eyes at least. ncdu (NCurses Disk Usage) turns it into something much more useful, imo, putting forward the biggest folders first in a simplified way:

Display the Date in XFCE Vertical Panel

Edit Jan. 2021: Orage Clock is not supported anymore since the release of Xfce 4.16. No More date in the Panel, for me. I like to have my Panel (XFCE’s version of macOS Menubar and Windows Taskbar) on the left of my screen, vertically. It saves some screen real estate and let me see more of what I’m actually working on — the text I’m writing or reading.