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Speaking of “fresh”, we should avoid thinking of packages in terms of groceries. That is a pernicious metaphor. Programs remain relevant for as long as they work and receive security fixes (where appropriate). The criterion for evaluating a program is not its recency or the hype around it, but its serviceability.

The Emacs Noob: My (Second) First Encounter with Org-Mode

When you are doing research on org-mode for notes taking in the middle of a sleepless night, to accidentaly realize, reading someone else commenting on, you had forgotten everything about your true first encounter with Org-Mode, dating back… 2011. Beside my failing memory, what strikes me the most reading this short note, is the reason I was as enthusiastic as I was hesitant to fully commit to Org-Mode back then is the exact same reason I am still hesitant and enthusiastic today, after my recent rediscovery of Org-Mode:

The Emacs noob: Typewriter Mode

Many Markdown text editors under macOS or iOS come with a neat feature that lets you set the caret at a fixed position on screen, most often in the middle of the screen. This feature tries to emulate the way old mechanical typewriters used to work — it was the sheet of paper that was moving up or down, not the caret.

Why bother?

The Emacs Noob: Always Display Inline Images in Org Files

Here is the first post of what could easily become a series around Emacs, as I’ve recently began using it. What is Org-Mode? At its core, Org-Mode is an extension that adds todo capabilities to Emacs, but it is much more than that: an agenda, a tool to create slides for presentations, an outliner, a tool to take and organize notes.