GNU/Linux? Why not! Enjoying Manjaro... most of the time ;)

Foliate: Library, OPDS Catalogs, and Annotations Export

Switching to Manjaro Unstable got me many updates. Among which Foliate, the ebook viewer I already mentioned, that has been upgraded to version 2.4.0. And this is a great update to an already excellent app, adding: Connection to catalogs, through OPDS. And that include your own Calibre server (with or without authentification), if you’re using one.

Gimp and its thumbnails

My problem Like most complex image editing programs, Gimp uses its own file format (.xcf) when saving an image, and it lets you export to any of the more common file formats when you need it. All serious apps do the same: Photoshop uses .psd, Affinity Photo uses .afphoto, and so on.

Manjaro Unstable? It's stable

Manjaro comes in three branches: stable (it’s as stable as it’ll ever be, but apps are not the most recent and updates are not as frequent), testing (interesting only if you want to contribute to Manjaro by testing the newest stuff and reporting bugs), and unstable. Unlike its name suggests, unstable seems to be stable enough to be used on a daily basis — as far as I can tell after four days of using it — but you expose yourself to occasional bugs even if I not had a single one, so far ;)

Colored Borders in Xfce

By default, I find Xfce’s windows borders very hard to resize: they’re barely visible and they are too thin. Alas, Xfce lacks an option to easily change that. The idea probably being that you should instead use the many keyboard shortcuts to move and/or resize your window. They work well, and you can customize them if you want.

Watching/Listening to YouTube in the shell

I’ve only started using it but there is no turning back: mpv, a command line multimedia player, is a much better player than any of the more fancy ones I’ve ever used, on any platform. Not only is it good for video, but for audio too. It lets me precisely control the speed of the video/audio, precisely navigate within the video/audio or in a list ot those (it can be used to manage playlists, even on-the-fly lists).

Configuring a Canon All-in-One Printer and Scanner

I seldom print anything — because of my bad eyesight — I scan more often. For both tasks, I use a Canon Pixma MG6200, an all-in-one that works through WiFi and USB (I use it WiFi only). I also use a SnapScan Fujitsu, but I haven’t yet tried to use it under Manjaro.

Foliate, the ebook reader for Linux

Beside writing, the thing I do the most on a computer is reading ebooks, in PDF or epub formats. For PDF, I use Manjaro’s Document Viewer (a fork of Evince?). It’s lightweight and fast, it comes with basic annotation tools (notes and highlighter), and it has the inverted colors mode — turning black text white, and white background black — that I need in order to be able to read any text, because of my very poor eyesight.