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Nano can be configured. That shouldn’t have come as a surprise but it surprised me nonetheless. I mean, I often use nano but never cared much about it: I only use it to do quick edits in a config file or stuff like that, when I don’t want to wait for a more heavy text editor to start — nano is fast and, well, it’s always there. And now, I know it can also be configured to change things like:

  • Adding some basic Markdown support, amongs other languages.
  • Removing the menu thingy at the bottom of the screen that just wastes space,
  • Changing the app colors, like those bright light bars at the top and the bottom of the screen that were blinding me — the very reason I started looking for a way to change them and discovered nano’s full documentation

You just need to create a ~/config/nano/nanorc or ~/.nanoroc that will store your settings. It’s really cool to be able to make nano look a little less stock and a little more like your nano.

If you are curious here is what my nanorc contains:

set atblanks
set autoindent
set boldtext
set emptyline
set titlecolor white,black
set tabsize 4
include "/usr/share/nano/html.nanorc"
include "/usr/share/nano/markdown.nanorc"

This post was written in nano, of course ;)