Durgod k320 resting on my desk, in front of the screen playing the clip ‘Clean’, by the group Hey Violet

I received it yesterday from banggood.com — ordered on Dec 19th, on sale at ~90€ — but I only unboxed and started playing with it this morning. And does this keyboard feels great to type on.

It uses USB-C (comes with both USB-C/USB-C and USB-C/USB-A cables). It uses Cherry MX brown switches (other options available). The case is sturdy plastic. The top plate is metal. Overall, the keyboard feels reassuringly heavy (1,06kg) and there is no flex. With its five rubberized feets (the two rear ones offering three positions), you know it wont easily slide. Despite the case being plastic, it doesn’t sound hollow when you hammer the keys, making it really quiet to type on. Keys are PBT with a nice texture, and their lettering is among the most readable I have ever seen. There is no noticeable wobble. Backlight (I don’t have the RGB model, this one is plain white) is bright enough for the keys to remain readable under direct light. Backlight intensity and various effects can be controled without any third party software — yeah, it works under Linux too (it looks like the downloadable software lets you create presets and program macros but I have not looked at it since there is no Linux version).

Also, in a sober way, I think it looks gorgeous.

But, David, it’s a qwerty keyboard, isn’t that a pain in the-you-know-where since you write in French? Not really, if use the qwerty US-international layout, or the much better qwerty-fr layout I recently stumbled upon. To quote its creator, it is

designed for French people using qwerty keyboard or English native people who wants to type French.

And it does just that in a very efficient way :

  • To get a grave accent, you press AltGr + e, u, i, o or a.
  • To get an acute accent AltGr + key at the left of the letter. So, “é” is AltGR + w.
  • To get a circumflex, AltGr + key above the corresponding letter. So, “ê” is AltGR+4.
  • The cedilla is AltGr + c.
  • And so on. It’s a matter of minutes for it to become natural.

Now to answer the questions you were shyly holding back all that time — what is that odd pinkish picture on my screen, and who’s that girl sitting in the center of the bed? — it’s a still from Clean, a song by Hey Violet, and the singer’s name is Rena Lovelis.