Baloo — no, not this Baloo — is an indexing service that seems to come with some KDE apps on your system, whether you use KDE desktop environment or not. As far as I can tell, it was installed when I decided to try Dolphin, KDE’s file explorer.

The problem I have with Baloo is not that it’s a KDE service. It is that in order to index all my files, it constantly runs in the background in a very aggressive manner using all my CPU’s 8 cores at the maximum of their capacity. Thus, making the whole machine unresponsive. Quite a pain, for a service I don’t use.

Deactivating Baloo in Settings→Session and Startup→Application Autostart changed nothing for me. After a reboot, once again it would ru(i)n (my poor CPU).

The documentations I read were all about configuring Baloo under KDE — as one would expect, which is not that useful under Xfce since we don’t use the same GUI tools and, apparently, don’t share exactly the same file structure for configuration files.

Long story short:

  1. Balloo’s configuration file under Manjaro Xfce is in /home/david/.config/baloofilerc.
  2. To completely deactivate Baloo and start enjoying a fully working computer again, you need to put its Indexing-Enabled value to false. The setting is at the beginning of the file and it looks like this:
    [Basic Settings]