I‘m a geek, a reader, and a writer. I’m Belgian, bald, and bearded. I have been living in France since the early 2000. I like tea and coffee. I was born in 1970. I’m not single, my spouse and I have been together for more than twenty years and counting.

Around my 20’s, while I was a student, I have been a painter — I can’t paint, but a few people seemed to like those odd paintings of mine enough to purchase them, and that helped pay the bills. After I dropped out of college, I have worked as a private teacher. Then, as a secretary. And, on occasions, as a ghostwriter. After that, landing in Paris to come live with my spouse, I started writing computer booklets and guides as the in-house writer for a small French publishing company. Soon after, I started managing their different collections. In later years, while I was still managing those collections and writing guides, I created and directed two magazines for the same company. The work was sysiphean and the pay wasn’t that great, but the contact we had with our readers was simply amazing. And so were many of the authors and collaborators I worked with on those projects, they were passionate and so talented.

But it was exhausting. I quit all at a time I had to decide between saving what remained of my health (physical and mental) or keep working for that company.

Nowadays, with a failing eyesight, I (try to) write novels. It is also a lot of work but I don’t feel like Sisyphus anymore or at least, I try not to push uphill more than a single rock at a time. And, it is a lot of fun too ;)

The blog

This blog is all about using Linux on an old ThinkPad X220 as my daily (writing) computer, rediscovering what it means to own my device and the apps I run on it. It will be updated on an irregular basis.

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