Switching to Manjaro Unstable got me many updates. Among which Foliate, the ebook viewer I already mentioned, that has been upgraded to version 2.4.0. And this is a great update to an already excellent app, adding:

  • Connection to catalogs, through OPDS. And that include your own Calibre server (with or without authentification), if you’re using one.

A list of all catalogs, including my own Calibre server A list of all catalogs, including my own Calibre server.

Navigating our catalogs could be faster if the global search was working (it doesn’t return any result on my machine). But it’s great nonetheless as there is no need to manually copy our ebooks anymore.

  • A library module, that let you easily manage your ebooks. It’s lightweight (that is no Calibre competition: it lets you quickly delete one or more ebooks) but it’s also much lighter and it’s still at a very early stage. No doubt it will gain more functionnalities.

  • Export Annotations (Highlights & comments). Maybe it was already present in previous versions, but I noticed it in this update. To use it, you need to be in the Library and use the List view, I could not find a way to access the export menu otherwise — to switch view, click the toggle button, in the menu bar:

Toggle view: List or Covers

Then, click the dotted menu next to the ebook whose annotations you want to export and click, you guessed it, Export Annotations to export. Available formats are: Markdown, HTML, txt, and JSON. Simple, clean and quick.

What’s missing

  • Like a said a (working) global search function in our OPDS catalogs would be great.
  • The ability to change sort order in the Library, including a manual one: I’d like to group my ebooks freely.
  • A keyboard shorcut to quickly go back to the Library. For now, when I want to close a book and go back to my Library, I press F10 (to display Foliate’s global menu) and have then to click on the Library menu. It could be done mouse free, and much faster, with a keyboard shortcut like so many of Foliate’s other actions.
  • From one boot to the next, covers will sometime disappear in the Library view. The cover will reappear as soon you open the ebook.

More info

Foliate’s website.