Colored Borders in Xfce

Sun, Jun 28, 2020
2 min read

By default, I find Xfce’s windows borders very hard to resize: they’re barely visible and they are too thin. Alas, Xfce lacks an option to easily change that. The idea probably being that you should instead use the many keyboard shortcuts to move and/or resize your window. They work well, and you can customize them if you want. On my installation, they are:

  • Super (aka, the Windows key) + the right or left arrow, to move the window to one side of the screen.
  • Alt+F8, to switch to ‘resize mode’ & then move your cursor to change the active window’s size. Dead simple.
  • Alt+F7, move window on the screen.
  • Alt+F9, hide window.
  • Alt*F10, maximize it.
  • Alt+F11, put it in full screen.
  • Alt+F12, toggle pinning it on top.
  • Ctrl+Alt+End, move it to next workspace.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Home, move it to previous workspace.
  • And so on.

But what if you want to slighlty adjust its size? Good luck trying to grab those tiny borders with your mouse — the fun is even more intense if, like me, you have a very bad eyesight ;)

One solution I found, is to use my own borders instead of the one provided by the theme used by Xfce or — more correctly since I’m not that skilled to create my own theme :P — to use someone else’s borders to get more colored borders. Everything is explained in the link: download the file mentioned and extract it in ~/.themes (create the directory, if it does not exist). In Settings Manager -> Windows Manager -> Style, select Borders. Done.

It’s already better, as I can now see where the border is. But it doesn’t solve the thinnes problem. I’ll keep you updated if I do any progress.

Change its color?

As far as I understand, the color of the border depends on the theme you select and its accentuation color. It is in Settings Manager -> Appearance -> Style.

I’ve not played much with themes, but it looks like there are many available to install…